Motion Graphics

Motion graphics is a type of short animation created for advertising or cultural purposes. In this type of animation, graphic designs are animated and accompanied by sound to explain a subject or narrate a story. However, motion graphics are typically created with words and text.

Making Educational Films

At Farda Studio, you can entrust us with the production of your educational film. In our furnished studio, you have access to various accessories, furniture, and props to enhance your educational content. Our team of cinematographers and editors will prepare the studio according to the nature of your educational content. You just need to bring your content with you.

Educational Film Recording Studio

You can easily produce your educational and conversation-based content in the dedicated educational studio at our Film studio in Tehran, Iran. This studio is equipped with a podium, table and chairs, a library, study desk, and training table, along with diverse backgrounds and settings.

Music Video Production

Farda Studio has had a significant role in producing and providing technical support services to music groups for over a decade. Many renowned artists have recorded their music videos, music teasers, and concert backdrops at Studio Farda in Tehran, Iran.

To order a promotional teaser at Studio Frand outdoor space, you can contact the experts at Studio Tomorrow. Today, many major advertising projects are produced by reputable advertising agencies in the chroma key and white room sections of Studio Tomorrow.

Farda Studio helps you easily generate Instagram, YouTube, and other social media platform content.

Simply contact Studio Farda and place an order for the type of content you desire.

Studio Farda introduces production and post-production personnel for filmmaking projects. If necessary, it sends technical personnel for cinematography and sound recording for projects outside the studio. Simply contact the experts at Studio Tomorrow for further assistance.