Farda Studio

located in Tehran, IRAN

Farda Studio

Iran's first professional Film and photography studio

Farda Studio established its professional filmmaking studio in Darupakhsh district of Tehran in 2020. Farda Studio in West of Tehran is a professional and standard chromakey and filmmaking studio for cinema, television and advertising productions.

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استودیو فردا شعبه داروپخس - استودیو فردا


Farda Studio Specifications

Green Screen

Always three walls along with the floor of chromakey studio are chromaki green.


The exact dimensions used are length 19 m, width 12 m and height of 6.5 m.

White Room

Farda Studio has white walls with a completely white painted floor.

Vehicle entry and movement

Entrance of the studio are 3.75 m long & 2.90 m wide

Farda Chromakey Studio

Chromakey studio with dimensions of 12 m by 19 m and height of 6.5 m is suitable for filming projects with special effects of Chromakey, CGI and VFX and virtual studio. The three walls of this studio along with the floor are always chroma green.

استودیو کروماکی ، وایت روم و بلک باکس استویو فردا

White Room

White Room is a uniform white studio for filming with dimensions of 10 m long and 10 m wide, with a height of 6.5 m. The white background has been prepared in the announced dimensions for the filming of all kinds of TV programs, especially video clips and teasers in Farda Studio.

وایت روم و وایت باکس استودیو فردا

Black Box

Blackbox is a complete Black Studio, which becomes a suitable space for blackbox filming by installing black cloth all over the walls of the studio and black carpet. This space is suitable for the production of telefilms, television programs and music videos.

نصب بلک باکس در استودیو فردا در کوتاه ترین زمان به شکلی انجام می‌شود که تمامی دیوارها با پارچه مشکلی در کمتر از 15 دقیقه پوشانده شده و کف کل استودیو نیز با موکت مشکلی پوشانده می‌شود.


Dialogue plateau and educational video recording studio

پلاتوی آموزشی استودیو فردا

Talk show plateau

To record talk shows and interviews, just come to Plato Studio. All facilities for production are available on the Farda studio platform.

استودیو ضبط فیلم آموزشی استودیو فردا

Educational recording studio

Educational video recording studio Farda Studio is ready to produce all kinds of educational videos in the form of a plateau. If you are a lecturer or professor, just bring your content with you.

استودیو آموزشی استودیو فردا

Decorated Studio with Accessories

Studio Farda's platform has equipment and accessories suitable for shooting and filming all kinds of educational projects and video recording.

Cafe Comic

Comic Cafe is Farda Studio’s coffee shop which welcomes Film production groups that rent Farda Studio for production. In addition, the comic cafe hosts guests and customers.

کافه کمیک کافه شاپ استودیو فردا در خیابان داروپخش
روف گاردن - استودیو فردا

Out-Door Studio

Roof Garden Studio is a suitable space for filming in an outdoor location. It is prepared for all film production projects.

Other facilities of Farda Studio

Corridor for supplies, make-up and clothes

اتاق فرمان و ضبط استودیو فردا شعبه داروپخش

Control Room

Production teams can use dedicated control room space for live support and recording in room out of studio.

اتاق گریم استودیو فردا


Two sepratedrooms have been prepared for the make-up of the male and female actors in Farda Studio.

otaghe lebas 1 scaled - استودیو فردا


Pro and changing space has been prepared for the stage group and dressing room in Farda Studio.

otaghe tadarokat scaled - استودیو فردا


The logistics corridor is the perfect space for the reception of the production teams, which is prepared in Farda Studio.