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Studio Farda, located in the west of Tehran, is considered one of the most reliable filmmaking studios in the private sector, which provides its colleagues with Chromaki studio space, white room, black box and advanced filmmaking equipment.

Fmediaco is considered one of the most diligent filmmaking centers in the country, which is focused on the production of luxurious documentary and fiction collections. Fekar Farda opened its first studio in the west of Tehran in Sardar Jangal area in 2008. And in 1400, he set up his second studio in Darupakhsh area.

Today Studio Farda is active in the production and technical support of film and television productions, making promotional teasers, music videos, and as the first studio licensed by the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, it is considered the leader of the media industry from idea to implementation.

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Production and Support Services

StudioFarda, having two filming studios, one sound recording studio and one animation studio, with more than a decade of experience in consulting, producing all kinds of media products and providing technical support services, the possibility of using Chromaki Studio, White Box Studio (White Room), Black Box And the recording studio has provided for the production and execution of the best projects.


The specialized and experienced team of Farda Studio has prepared the best modern and cost-effective solution to serve artists and applicants.

No-limits Creativity

The variety of projects produced in Farda Studio is a proof of the creativity of the solution and the flexibility of the system for any idea you have in mind.

More than a decade of media experience

Years Active

Trusted by the biggest players in the media, advertising, music and education industries

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